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Our History

Greater Faith Tabernacle Ministries was conceived in a house on April 24, 1991. 

The house had to be renovated quickly to serve God'’s people.  Several individuals volunteered their time and service and even the vice president of Lithograph Printing Company, where The Pastor worked, sent help and paid their wages. 

In less than a month, Greater Faith Tabernacle was born and  held its first service on the 19th of May 1991.

The church grew by 13 people the first service.  This was “Just the Beginning.” Since then, God has smiled on us and we have built two buildings - one in 1993,

the other in 2004 and acquired three houses plus 14 acres of land. 

There's more to the history of GREATER FAITH , we write a new chapter every day.

Our Next Chapter is Coming Soon...

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