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To bring light and empowerment to a dark world by meeting the needs of the total person

financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Our "Getting Families Together" tour consists of the creation of the specific ministries determined to be needed by the surrounding communities.  These ministries will play a vital role in the repairing and restoring of the family unit and the development of the I.S. (Institute for Success).

We believe the family to be the most important structure ordained by God, and therefore a necessity to the restoring of our society.  With this in mind we endeavor to become a resource designed to educate, provide counsel, and offer opportunities for the repair and advancement of the broken family unit.  The Institute for Success will be a major instrument in the fulfillment of this task, with the facilities for the education and counseling, and opportunities for wholesome family recreation.


The Institute, as it grows, will be designed to keep families together and children off of the streets with recreational facilities for bowling, skating, sports and movies.  It will be a place designated for the help and education of alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-dependency.  It will be a haven for elderly, the battered, and the homeless and hungry.  Provisioning will, as it grows, also allow for the operation of community supplemental programs and life/jobs skill training.  Education is at the forefront of our vision, a Charter School, which will enhance our children’s growth academically, and celestially. The I.S. will also be the home of the most extensive handicapped facility in the United States, which will allow for every need of the physical challenged.  The I.S. will be equipped to promote spiritually in conjunction with self-sufficiency enabling those we desire to help to become productive in this society.

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