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June 19-21, 2019

The Daddy's Girls Conference endeavors to bring help, hope, and healing to victims of abuse.
This 3-night conference is FREE and is hosted at

Greater Faith Tabernacle Ministries

(905 East Shelby Drive Memphis, TN 38116).

by Dr. Orlester Johnson and Lady Jo Ann Johnson, founders of this impactful event.

During the construction of our Institute for Success Center, and approximately one year prior to its completion GFT's founder, Pastor Orlester Johnson, received numerous women bearing similar experiences during altar call. Although their ages and nationalities varied, each woman spoke of the need to break free of the secret bondage holding them. These women shared similar stories of enduring sexual molestation as children, intimate partner violence (IPV), various other forms of domestic violence (DV), and other abusive situations. They spoke freely about the abuse they had suffered as a child and some confessed that they continued to suffer from violent situations in adulthood. Each of these individuals had grown up in households that did not include their biological father. Several spoke of being subjected to abusive stituations with men who were a relative, teacher, coach, pastor, or other person holding a supposedly “respectful” leadership role in their lives and that of their family. 

As a direct result of receiving numerous disturbing accounts of this nature,

the first annual Daddy’s Girls Conference convened in 2005.

  • At the heart of this conference lies a message of Help, Hope, and Healing. The Conference, mostly geared towards women of all ages, appeals to those who have been victims of some form of abuse; whether that abuse is emotional, physical, psychological, sexual or verbal.

  • This conference provides small groups workshops each night followed by a traditional service that includes a number of triumphant testmonies,  soul-stirring singing, power-packed message, one-on-one counseling sessions and much more.

Because of the importance of this conference it has gained attention of people from all walks of life. Take a look at some past Daddy's Girl Conference Themes and Celebrity Guest Speakers.

Daddy's Girl  Conference



Special Guest



Clark Sheard

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